5 Reasons You Need Brami
in 2022

Hello, 2022! With the New Year comes exciting new dreams and goals to crush, we’re here to get you to your goals and beyond. Let’s go make it happen!

Here’s why you need a Brami subscription in 2022…

1. The Most Powerful Plant

All Brami products harness the power of the lupini superbean. Some call this bean a miracle bean due to its amazing nutrition. The lupini bean is packed with protein and fiber but is low in carbs. Compared to other protein-rich plants the lupini bean reigns supreme.

2. Convenient Nutrition

Maintain your momentum this year with convenient, on-the-go snacking. Fuel your goals with nutrients that will power you up and keep your energy going.

Whether you’re taking on new fitness goals or working to make that side hustle a reality, Brami snacks can be right there with you to satisfy your hunger.

3. 0g Net Carbs

The last thing you need to worry about as you take on your new year’s goals is excess carbs in your diet. We don’t let anything slow you down with Brami - that’s why our foods are made with 0g net carbs.

4. No Hassle Subscription

We get it, you’re going to be busy these next couple of months. Skip the grocery list and go straight to the subscription so you never have to remember to order Brami again. We keep our subscriptions flexible, so you can pause, swap, or cancel your subscription at any time. This is your life, we’re just here to help you achieve your goals!

5. Money-Back Guarantee  

Rest assured that there is no risk in trying Brami. If you do not love our products, we always provide a money-back guarantee.

Take it From Our Fans...

“I saw someone eating these on a plane with such gusto and had to try them. This flavor is my absolute fave! This is my new snack and the best part is how healthy and filling they are.”  

Maria S.

“I am a busy nurse who needs a quick, high protein, low carb snacks. I am also a vegetarian. Brami makes easy little packs that I can throw in my bag and go! Love them 😍"

Adrian S.

I was raised eating lupini beans. My mom would make them a couple of times a year. My daughter gave me the Brami pack for my birthday and I loved them. I have reordered and will order again."

Janet B.

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