A nutrient-rich dip made with the Italian superfood: lupini beans.

- 50% fewer carbs than regular hummus
- Made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
- Money-back guarantee

Why switch to Brami Lupini Bean Dip?

🙌 Low in carbs

With 50% fewer calories than regular hummus, Brami Lupini Bean Dip makes a great snack or addition to meals. Plus it's keto-friendly!

😋 Taste the difference

Unlike other hummus, we only use clean ingredients like extra virgin olive oil. You can taste and feel the difference.

✨ Artisan made in Italy

Made in Italy in small batches, our lupini bean dip is crafted with taste and nutrition in mind.

🍴Endless ways to enjoy

We offer a variety of Italian-inspired flavors that make great additions to meals. Try our Garlic & Rosemary dip as a pasta sauce or our Mediterranean Olive as a spread on toast.

What Our Fans Are Saying

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"Perfect keto snack. I like pairing it with cucumber slices, cheese crisps, almond flour crackers, you name it."

David B.

"We are really impressed with how much healthier it is than hummus but has a similar taste!”


"I love them as a dip, for sandwiches, mixed into other dishes, etc. Versatile and tasty, full of protein and no carbs!"

Kris P.


Lupini Bean Dip Variety 4-Pack


Try all of our delicious Italian flavors including:

- Original Recipe

- Garlic & Rosemary

- Calabrian Pepper

- Mediterranean Olive

10oz / 4 Count
Sold out

🙌 0g net carbs

☺️ Gluten-free

🌱 Non-GMO

💫 50 calories

👍 Keto-friendly

💚 Small batch production


Brami in the Press

"The next health-conscious snack."


"A nutritional goldmine."


"Fun and delicious."


If you're not completely in love with our Lupini Bean Dip, we'll provide a full refund.