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This pasta is chewy and is the perfect choice for my vegan Mac n Cheeze! It doesn't get soft or mushy, the texture is really perfect. Will try this next with a summer pasta salad!

I really enjoyed this pasta. It tasted fantastic and it is even better to know that it only has 3 ingredients. The fact that it has such a high protein count is a bonus! It was easy to cook and the tips included on the box were helpful. I love the simplicity and impact of the box. All around-it is a great product.

Penne, 12oz (8 Boxes)
燃 闻.

It was is so good and it is was so so so very very very good awesome amazing good I like it was is good because my mom and my dad and my sister and my brother think it was so good.

My dad loved it with his chciken and avacado protine meal. If your on the look to boost those numbers this is for you. It was hot so idk how it would be in pasta salad but probs yummy.

We tried the fusilli in our normal weeknight chicken-pesto pasta, and it was fantastic. While I love that it was lower carb and packed with protein, it was great that the whole family loved the taste and texture of the noodles.

The texture is great, it doesn't taste different at all. It cooked easily and had a nice chew just regular pasta. I try to get enough protein in my diet, so I like that I can get some even in pasta. I also love that it's made in Italy. I think it's better quality and easier to suggest. Great product!

More protein. More fiber. Less carbs. What’s not to like? Tastes great and easy to cook to top it off makes it a great pasta! Already a plus that the kiddo enjoys it too!

Very first time trying BRAMI product and I love it. It is a little bit hard to find in store since it is not located with regular pasta but I still found it. It give more wheat flavor than the brands I usually have. And the price is acceptable. I will definitely buy again.

Great product! The texture the taste and flavor is the closest thing to homemade pasta I’ve ever had from a box. I highly recommend! Don’t hesitate to try

I am a big proponent of protein pasta, so that my family isn't just eating empty carbs when we have pasta, but the texture just isn't right on the chickpea and lentil pastas we've had in the past. This pasta tasted great and had the perfect texture. All my kids ate it like crazy!

Had this pasta expecting for it to taste a bit different than regular pasta. Honestly no difference but I have the added bonus of getting more protein in my diet.

On point!

Made Brami pasta for my Italian mother and she loved it! I also loved it! While she'll never switch from her homemade pasta, this is now my go to. Great texture (when you cook it correctly), great taste but better for you. Made a cold pasta salad with the macaroni, delicious! Whipped up a fusilli with sausage and tomato sauce, was excellent! I'm all in!

Lupini Bean Dip Original Recipe, 10oz (4 Count)
Arlene Montemarano
Love this stuff.

I love it and I love that it's good for me. I use it many ways because the flavor is what makes every dish better.

I really liked this product. I made it with my tomato sauce and sausage and didn’t miss “traditional pasta “ I also felt full but not too stuffed after. I liked all the different shapes. I will buy again.

I love healthy pastas. This one did not disappoint. I used it just like any other pasta. I cooked it then added olive oil, basil, veggies and vegan meatballs. It was really good. My family loved it.

Cooks and taste just like normal pasta. Other than the price there’s not really any reason not to buy this. Healthier with better macros. Win win

I'm always on the lookout for new protein pastas and this one tasted amazing! It was very simple to make and obviously eat haha I will definitely be buying this again.

When buying a healthy Pasta I tend to compromise in some way-- texture, taste,.... or both--lol-- anyway, this was by far the best taste and texture for a healthier alternative.

I thought this pasta tasted great! It was easy to cook and No one in the family could tell the difference that it was a past with protein . I felt really good to be abke to feed this pasta to the kids instead of just the reg brand without protein.

I liked it it was better than my original one

The texture the packaging

I made alfredo and’s i am going to recommend it to anyone that wants to buy better

I've tried a bunch of protein/fiber pastas recently (lentil, chickpea, nutrients extracted from vegetables, etc) and Brami is definitely the best I've had. It tastes almost exactly like regular pasta. It can't quite be compared to gluten free pastas because it still has wheat in it and isn't gluten free, but I still think it's better! It had a great, chewy, cohesive texture, not dry or falling apart like other protein pastas. It cooked up nicely and was great with vodka sauce.

Really good pasta, much better than other brands at similar price, sauce sticks well to it bcz of rough texture of pasta.

Protein makes it much healthier option, 21 gram is a lot and it’s very good for a vegan or vegetarian person like me.

Great pasta.! My kids enjoyed it! I appreciated the lower carb and higher protein content. A great healthy option for for those dieting. I will be buying this again!

I like this pasta a lot. It is healthy and tasty. The texture and taste are both great and I really appreciate the clean ingredients. I will definitely purchase again.

I’m always skeptical of high protein products (as someone who has been burned one too many times by a chalky pasta or cake), but this was delicious! No compromise in taste or texture while still packing in a surprising amount of protein to keep me full for longer.