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Wonderful addition to my vegan diet

Since I discovered Brami, their Lupini became an absolute staple of my vegan diet. They are delicious, versatile, and they provide you with the proteins you need. I highly recommend this product!

Variety Lupini Beans

Variety Lupini Beans

Great snack!

Love the different flavors! Would purchase again


Awesome, nutritious. I will continue to order the Brami Lupines.


I didn’t like the Beans at all and don’t want anymore.

Yum 😋

They are good! And good for you


I bought the salt and vinegar lupini beans and they are so yummy!

Be careful.

These beans are very addictive. Just love them and add them to everything when I am not eating them out of the bag. Never leave you bloated or unsatisfied.


I love the hummus and share it with all my Italian friends. They all think it’s so neat.

Chili & Lime
Teri Lynch
Chili Lime Perfection!

Awesome taste!
By far my favorite snack!
Thank you!

Brami snacks

Absolutely the snack I was looking for. Lots of protein & no carbs. Crunchy with lots of flavor. Stops those cravings. Very healthy snack.

Great pasta texture

This hybrid pasta got everything right. Not like chickpea pasta, which despite best efforts is always chewy

A good filling pasta.

I really enjoyed this pasta. It's nice and hearty. Goes great with Tuscan Pepper Sauce.

Brami Pasta

I loved this pasta! We made it in a pasta salad and I didnt even notice it wasnt regular pasta


I am so happy I purchased this. Will order again. Great product.


Tasted amazing


I was really excited to try this pasta!

lupini pasta

super tasty!

Surprisingly delicious

This pasta actually had the correct texture and taste, despite being a mixed blend of flours. My past experience with alternative pastas has been middling at best, but this was awesome

penne is great

only complaint is box is too small! It tastes great.

Brami Pasta

Good product


I am obsessed with this pasta. It tastes exactly like regular pasta, and is definitely the best healthy pasta Ive ever had. Highly recommend following the directions and only cooking for 4 mins, makes it perfectly Al dente. T

Great option for pasta alternative!

I bought this because it said that it was higher in protein than other pasta alternatives and honestly, this is one of the best ones I've tried. I've seen it all...chickpea pasta, edamame pasta, heart of palm pasta, shiratake noodles, etc. and this is my new favorite! Highly recommend with the truffle pasta sauce they sell on here!

Good texture and flavor