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Absolutely the BEST Tasting Lupini Beans

I first ordered these a couple of years ago, and have been hooked on them ever since. These beans are the best. There are no chemical additives , which all the others have, which can be tasted. I love snacking on them, or having them as a lunch/dinner component. Their taste is fresh and pure. No other brands compare to Brami. And, the delivery is reliable and fast. Thank you for providing such a superior product!

Variety Lupini Beans
Taylor Dickson
Amazing Snack Food!

Me and my spouse love these. I got the renewing subscription but we always go through them way to fast, because we snack on them so much.

Great Snack for my kid

My husband was eating Brami lupini beans in front of our 3 year old daughter and she wanted to have a taste. Two years later she is still enjoying them even more than my husband. She eats them as a snack and I enjoy them in salads.


Absolutely delicious. I enjoy-them as a snack. I enjoy them thrown in with my salads and I’m excited to find other ways to use them.💥

Mmmm... beans...

I can't stop snacking on these. The hot ones are legit hot. Garlic & Rosemary could use more flavor imho, but still perfect snack fuel.

Better than hummus

I ate these beans as a kid in NY and recently found them at Whole Foods. Then I found your website and the lupini dip. They are delicious and I have a hard time not eating it by the spoonful. Fast delivery too!

These are the beans knees

I LOVE THESE BEANS! Perfect snack. Wonderful crunch. Versatile in meals. Keep the flavors coming!!

Variety Lupini Beans
Armando Reyes
I love these beans!

The flavors are on point, they are easy for snacking on the go!

Variety Lupini Beans
Tobias Baskin
Love my Brami beans

My supermarket carried these and wow I am glad I tried 'em. Delicious. The beans have a great clean texture and the flavors added are gentle, tasty. Keep those beans rolling!


Love everything about these!! So delicious by themselves as a snack or in a salad.

Can’t stop eating this pasta!

The pasta is so so good! I can’t believe that this pasta is actually healthier than regular pasta because I can’t tell the difference when it comes to texture and taste. I also love this shape of pasta since it does a great job of holding the sauce. I like it way better than chickpea pasta!

Balsamic & Oregano
Love these beans!

Never stop making them! So much more flavorful than the ones in the jars. They are integral to my health and enjoyment!

Perfect snack

Love these… 2nd time ordering. Have tried all the flavors but this is my favorite.

Garlic & Rosemary
Adam Fusfeld
Great flavor

This might be the best variety of Brami beans. It's definitely heavier on garlic than rosemary but it works perfect with the briny flavor of the beans.

These beans are my favorite snack!

I've been very much enjoying these as my go-to substantive snack. I literally have a few every day (beans, not bags). The garlic and rosemary is my least favorite by itself; it's really channeling some cured-meat vibes that I think is more enjoyable with other things. The two spicy flavors are my faves. Keep up the good work!

Sea Salt & Vinegar Lupini Beans
Misplaced Chicago South-Sider

I grew up on the south side and the south suburbs of Chicago in a heavily Italian area. Lupini beans were an everyday part of my childhood and young adulthood. Everybody's Nonni made a big jar of lupini beans several times a year and brought them to family gatherings. These lupini beans remind me of the good food and the good times of those family gatherings. I don't eat the outside skin and I can tell you that these are pretty doggone good lupini beans! As a vegetarian of over 35 years I'm always looking for good sources of protein that are delicious and portable. Brami lupini beans definitely are something I always have in the house and always keep handy in my car. I toss them in salads, pasta, and substitute them at times for chips when I'm having a sandwich. I highly recommend Brami lupini beans. Mangia!

Chili & Lime
Adam Fusfeld
Great snack

I love the texture of all of varieties of Brami beans, but the mild heat takes this flavor to the next level. It's not overwhelming so it won't burn your mouth, but it's just present enough to keep you coming back for more

Variety Lupini Beans
stephen Hresko

absolutely delicious - would like them to go on sale though

great stuff

love it, will buy more!

Variety Lupini Beans
Gavin Larsen

I love the Brami beans! I eat them everyday in a salad for lunch. I adore the pickled flavor and the nutritional benefits.

Excellent Product

Very good. Quick and easy snack. Very healthy. Tastes delicious. Thanks for making it available.


I bought my wife several bags of these for Christmas and I also indulged as I could not resist….We are both addicted to Lupini Beans and these are absolutely amazing. The only thing I dislike is the price vs the amount of Lupini Beans per bag…We get a large jar of Lupinis from Portugal all the time that cost the same or less than what it costs for these bags and has twice to three times the quantity…if your company finds a way to get these out for half the price they are selling at now then I may continue to partake…I’ll keep my eyes on the market to see who has the better deals. I will give Brami an A+ for variety and taste.

Variety Lupini Beans
Linda Stover
Missing product

I have never received this product and I got charged for it. Your company is a rip off.

Chili & Lime
Dorothy Richau
Chili & Lime are Delicious

Great flavor, same great quality snack

Variety Lupini Beans
Patrick Gallagher
Lupini Beans - Great Fuel

Nice variety. Always consistent quality. Great snack for before or after my long rides.