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Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
David Colorez
It's good!

We enjoyed your product, which is not easy! We opened it and used it with the chili we made, so good.

Excellent pasta

I was pleasantly surprised about the taste and texture of the pasta. The I did find that it needed more time than was recommended on the package but otherwise I found the product to be excellent.

Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Pamela Manchester

Snuck this one in on my husband and he loved it - . Great product!

Tasty snack

These are great. I highly recommend.

Enjoy texture and all flavors

Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Michael Carrozza
Exceptional body and taste

As a person with diabetes, besides the incredible texture and taste, I did NOT experience a spike in my blood sugar. I have tried many other pasta wannabes, none compare to Brami.!!!

Variety Lupini Beans
Jeffrey Lindh
An incredibly delicious snack

I found these packs to be absolutely perfectly balanced with flavor, often causing me to eat 2-3 servings in one sitting! I grew up eating lupini beans and all I can say is after trying these, it was a sad childhood.

Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Sandra Gentle-Smith
Just like regular pasta

This product taste just like regular pasta and the same texture!!

Variety Lupini Beans
Jennifer Jacobus
Great texture and flavors

Have only tried two of four but really like the texture and flavors

Great Pasta!

This is some of the most tasty pasta I've had in the past few years of a lower carb way of eating!
I recommend this!

Variety Lupini Beans
Soren Sorensen
A Little Bit in Everything

These are fabulous as snacks or additions to your meal! I put them in my soups and salads or a side dish.

A Hot Snack

The pepper flavor is fruity and the perfect heat level. The beans are salty, crunchy, and truly satisfying! Literally my favorite new snack. Also great in salads.


Useful website with great UI, intuitive product line, fair price, personalized response to order, fast service, great innovative product, manageable recipes worth making. Rare to find a product with this level of end to end service in any industry. We’ll done Brami!

Balsamic & Oregano
Susan Stoddard-Phillips
Good substitute for my salt craving

I have always snacked on salted almonds. These beans satisfy that craving and are much healthier.

Our families “GO TO” snack!

We first found these thru Thrive Market. We decided to go directly to BRAMI because the bulk pricing is less expensive and the selection is greater. We eat these straight out of the package, top salads, add to stir fries and more. Full of fiber, great taste and FILLING. If you haven’t tried - go for it. Our 14 yo son goes through them (late night snacking).

Love ‘em!

One of my favorite snacks to have around. Grab and go convenience.

My teen’s favorite snack

Tasty, great source of protein in an easy to-go pouch, only issue is she goes through the entire shipment in just a couple days!


My new favorite flavor.


I love these spicy beans. They are super flavorful. I like to eat them out of the bag with chopsticks.

Garlic & Rosemary
Carolyn Matini
Delicious savory protein snack!

I love these so much, they are very satisfying, healthy and delicious! I keep them in my car and purse, and they are way better than a sugary sweet protein bar. The garlic flavor is so good but I also love all the flavors!

Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
vincent genovese

I am very pleased with the products

Chili & Lime
High protein & vegan

Love that I can use this as a great high-protein source since I’m Whole Food plant based. That has been a real issue for me since I’m trying to up my protein intake. This really does solve the problem. it makes meal prep a whole lot easier. Thank you.

Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Chris Scarton

They are very good. Cook up nice.

My new favorite "safe food"

I have autism and other mental struggles that, especially when combined with stress, sometimes have me eating like a picky toddler. Fortunately this inner toddler loves lupini beans and can eat them pretty much any time, and I like to let myself since they're such a healthy snacking option. I'm glad y'all have a subscription option so I can make sure to stay stocked with a healthy safe food!

Stomach Upset

I have had canned Lupini beans in the past. I tried these and enjoyed the different flavor profiles and texture. I used in green salads, egg salad and for snacking. I tried these on three separate occasions and experienced stomach upset and gastrointestinal issues all three times unfortunately. I don’t normally experience stomach issues. I just don’t have the stomach for this snack sadly.