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My new favorite flavor.


I love these spicy beans. They are super flavorful. I like to eat them out of the bag with chopsticks.

Garlic & Rosemary
Carolyn Matini
Delicious savory protein snack!

I love these so much, they are very satisfying, healthy and delicious! I keep them in my car and purse, and they are way better than a sugary sweet protein bar. The garlic flavor is so good but I also love all the flavors!

Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
vincent genovese

I am very pleased with the products

Chili & Lime
High protein & vegan

Love that I can use this as a great high-protein source since I’m Whole Food plant based. That has been a real issue for me since I’m trying to up my protein intake. This really does solve the problem. it makes meal prep a whole lot easier. Thank you.

Variety, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Chris Scarton

They are very good. Cook up nice.

My new favorite "safe food"

I have autism and other mental struggles that, especially when combined with stress, sometimes have me eating like a picky toddler. Fortunately this inner toddler loves lupini beans and can eat them pretty much any time, and I like to let myself since they're such a healthy snacking option. I'm glad y'all have a subscription option so I can make sure to stay stocked with a healthy safe food!

Stomach Upset

I have had canned Lupini beans in the past. I tried these and enjoyed the different flavor profiles and texture. I used in green salads, egg salad and for snacking. I tried these on three separate occasions and experienced stomach upset and gastrointestinal issues all three times unfortunately. I don’t normally experience stomach issues. I just don’t have the stomach for this snack sadly.

Variety Lupini Beans
Shelly Matautia

Love this product-reminds me of my childhood

I'm addicted!

The beans are so tasty and versatile. I love the texture. They're great on their own, as a snack, and in salads and hot vegetables. And their nutrition profile can't be beat. My absolute favorite vegan protein!

I’m officially addicted

I can’t get enough of these delicious Lupini beans! They are the best snack!

Healthy, delicious, protein and fiber packed nutrition.

Perfect grab and go snack......or as a side to compliment your meals.
Great for those on a plant based diet!

I love them!

I love these beans. They taste great. They are a minimally processed and yet convenient whole food. Having a variety pack of different flavors to choose from is fun. And I love that I am getting fiber, probiotics, AND protein in a tasty little snack.

Variety Lupini Beans
Susan Grieder
These are the best snack ever!

These are so healthy, satisfying and NOT FATTENING! Plus all the flavors taste great. Love them!!!

Variety Lupini Beans
Sabih Rahman
Low calorie, tasty, filling

Everything you could ask for in a snack. Want to thank them for using really high quality bags as well. The plastic tears off very satisfyingly and it's very easy to seal closed after a little munching. Undoubtedly a bit pricey but worth it.


Really love these as a snack and adding them to salads and charcuterie boards. Glad someone told me about them.

A wonderful addition to keto diets

This is a delightful snack that increases necessary fiber for a keto diet. You can take them around anywhere and they are delicious.

Garlic & Rosemary
Timothy Buchheim
It tastes like vegan salami!

While I enjoy all the flavors of lupini these are by far my favorite. The garlic and rosemary mix with the protein and lactic acid to create a flavor combination that tastes surprisingly similar to a good salami.

Absolutely the BEST Tasting Lupini Beans

I first ordered these a couple of years ago, and have been hooked on them ever since. These beans are the best. There are no chemical additives , which all the others have, which can be tasted. I love snacking on them, or having them as a lunch/dinner component. Their taste is fresh and pure. No other brands compare to Brami. And, the delivery is reliable and fast. Thank you for providing such a superior product!

Variety Lupini Beans
Taylor Dickson
Amazing Snack Food!

Me and my spouse love these. I got the renewing subscription but we always go through them way to fast, because we snack on them so much.

Great Snack for my kid

My husband was eating Brami lupini beans in front of our 3 year old daughter and she wanted to have a taste. Two years later she is still enjoying them even more than my husband. She eats them as a snack and I enjoy them in salads.


Absolutely delicious. I enjoy-them as a snack. I enjoy them thrown in with my salads and I’m excited to find other ways to use them.💥

Mmmm... beans...

I can't stop snacking on these. The hot ones are legit hot. Garlic & Rosemary could use more flavor imho, but still perfect snack fuel.

Better than hummus

I ate these beans as a kid in NY and recently found them at Whole Foods. Then I found your website and the lupini dip. They are delicious and I have a hard time not eating it by the spoonful. Fast delivery too!

These are the beans knees

I LOVE THESE BEANS! Perfect snack. Wonderful crunch. Versatile in meals. Keep the flavors coming!!