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Fusilli, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Mark Lombardo
We love them

We have many other plant based noodles these by far are the best

Garlic & Rosemary
Hannah Mascioli
Salami Beans!

My husband & I are vegan and these remind us of the flavor of salami which is one of the foods we miss (but would never eat for health, the animals, the earth, other people etc reasons). This is the perfect healthy substitute! We call them salami beans LOL

Fusilli, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Vincenzo Lazzara

I highly recommend, great tasting pasta

Party for my tastebuds

I enjoyed the variety pack! Grew up eating plain lupini beans.

Hot Calabrian Pepper
Erin Giraudbit
Spicy beans


Garlic & Rosemary
Brian Palumbo
Like a kid again

Coming from a large Italian American family one of the things I always looked forward to the most as a child were the holidays. As much as they were about the togetherness they were also about the food. Once a year at Easter my aunt would go through the week long process of preparing lupini beans, soaking and draining and repeating until they were ready. One year I ate so many I made myself sick. These bring me back to those special times but are ready to eat without the arduous process and as often as I like, not just once a year. I’m so glad I found these and always like to have some on hand.

Variety Lupini Beans
Sarah St. John
Healthy snack option

This is our favorite healthy snack! It’s perfect for on the go and tasty too!

Love them!

I put these on my salads and eat from the bag as a snack. I have reordered several times now. I think they are a delicious healthy snack and a good alternative to all the nuts I was eating . They satisfy a craving for something salty.

Variety Lupini Beans
Abdel Jabbar

Variety Lupini Beans

Variety Lupini Beans
Vincenzo Lazzara
Love it

I definitely recommend and will be buying more

I have been trying to reach you ever since I received my first order. I can’t use these products and I need to return all you have sent me. Please contact me and let me know how to return and get credit for the orders. You can call me at [****] or however you want to contact me as soon as you can. Thank you very much. Sharon Tedder

Fusilli, 8oz (6 Boxes)
Enrique Rodriguez

It so good it don't fill me up like regular pasta..


My family didn’t even know they were eating healthy.


This pasta is awesome! I love pasta dishes but try to be mindful of my carb intake. This only has two ingredients so it’s minimally processed and what’s best is it tastes just like normal pasta, I can barely tell a difference. This might be the best substitute I’ve tried that can also dupe as a protein source.


So glad we found these beans. Delicious source of protein on my avocado toast every morning!

My favorite flavor -- purchase them now!

Extremely tasty and yet not overwhelming, the Garlic & Rosemary Lupini will enhance every dish -- and they are also delicious to eat as a snack! Highly recommended, especially if you are looking for vegan proteins that will curb your appetite!


I am really enjoying Brami pasta. The consistency and taste are very close to traditional pasta and do not have the grainy consistency of a whole wheat pasta. It's a guiltless experience because it tastes great and a nice source of protein.

Tastes just like pasta

Tastes great, and has a good bite to it just like normal pasta. My only complain is I wish it was a bit cheaper / the boxes were 1 lb ea.

Variety Lupini Beans
Cynthia Sierra
One of my new favorite snacks

Who knew healthy snacks could be so tasty.

Luv this

I really like this pasta. It cooks up quick and nice firm pasta. I would recommend this pasta. I ordered it and it came fairly quickly.

Not that great

The Italian had a funny taste. Not real happy with the texture kinda slimy. Won’t be ordering again and wouldn’t recommend. It’s a lot of money to dislike and no returns offered.

Fusilli, 8oz (6 Boxes)

Balsamic & Oregano
Lindsey Adamson

I am obsessed with these!

Great product.

Great snack for health conscious. Best flavor is salt and vinegar in my opinion. Love these!

Hot Calabrian Pepper
Certified Personal Trainer Omar Barnhart
Power of the Bean (and 🌶)

Just the amount of spice I need to keep my taste buds interested. Love, love, love snacking on these!