By Aaron Gatti

My Favorite Childhood Snack

Growing up, lupini beans were my favorite snack when I visited my family in Italy. I would eat them daily with my Nonna.

It wasn't until a trip to Italy with my wife, Alenna, where I rediscovered lupini beans and an idea formed. We found lupini in a convenience store and we ate the entire bag in just a few minutes.

Alenna said, “How have I never heard of lupini beans before? They’re everything I’m looking for in a snack…. It’s like a Mediterranean edamame.”

I paused. I never considered them as Mediterranean edamame.

“What if there were flavors?” Alenna said.

And that’s when my head exploded. There weren’t any ready-to-eat flavored lupini beans.



When I came back home, I looked at the ready-to-eat lupini bean options and was disappointed with what I found. Most had artificial ingredients, no flavors, and seemed to be after-thoughts.

We decided people deserved an uncompromised version of lupini beans in America. I spent the next year turning our Brooklyn apartment into a lupini bean test kitchen, meticulously perfecting our recipes.

In 2016, we launched Brami, and ever since we've been sharing this treasured childhood snack with the world.

Aaron Gatti
Founder & Chief Flavor Officer

Gently Pickled to Perfection

At Brami, our lupini beans are bursting with flavor because they’re marinated in fresh, natural ingredients like garlic and rosemary. We gently pickle the beans, the traditional Italian way, giving them a flavor similar to an olive. Unlike other snacks, lupini beans are not dry or crunchy; instead the beans are more like a fresh vegetable snack.


The Superfood of Superfoods

The lupini bean is one of the most nutrient-dense plants making it a true superfood. Lupini beans are high in protein and fiber, but low in calories, carbs, and sugar.



Their incredible nutrients makes them an great snack that fills you up, but doesn't compromise your diet or leave you feeling sluggish. You can also add lupini beans to meals (like on top of salads) to add protein. Plus, they make a great meat replacement because they are more enviornmentally friendly and rich in protein.


How to Enjoy Lupini Beans

Brami beans are unique in that they have a thin outer shell. Traditionally, people remove this shell before eating the bean. Here at Brami, we enjoy our lupini beans with and without the shell. We use a special pickling process that makes the skin softer and more edible. Plus the shell is packed with healthy fiber!

If it’s your first time trying lupini beans, we recommend trying them both ways (with and without the shell). The deshelled kernel has an umami cheesiness to it that’s just delicious!


Ways to Remove the Lupini Bean Shell

Bite ‘N Squeeze

  1. Bite off the opening of the bean (also known as the "mouth" of the bean).
  2. Squeeze the back of the bean while still gently biting down.
  3. The bean will pop out into your mouth - delish!


Traditional / Sunflower Seed Method

  1. Stand the bean up in the back of your teeth.
  2. Bite down gently and the bean will pop out. Buon appetito!


Advanced Method (for experts only)

  1. Rub the bean between your thumb and index finger.
  2. The shell will break and the bean will fly out; be prepared to catch it!


Lupini Bean Recipes

Traditionally, lupini beans were enjoyed as an appetizer or stand-alone snack, but we love to put them on salads, mix them in stir-fries, and add them to our favorite dishes! They are a great source of protein for people who want to add more plants to their diets. Not only will you be getting your protein, but you’ll be adding great flavor to your meals. Add our Chili & Lime lupini beans for a zesty lime bite or our Garlic & Rosemary lupini beans for a savory taste.

Try making one of our chef-created lupini bean recipes here.

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