Meet the Viral Lupini Bean Dip

The Lupini Dip that's captured the attention of chefs, athletes, and influencers.


Loved by Chefs

Spotted in dishes across social media - the recipes are endless. See more @enjoybrami.


0g Net Carbs


Keto, Paleo, Vegan


Tasty, nutritious, filling. Just ask the internet.

"They're DELICIOUS. I love them as a dip, for sandwiches, mixed into other dishes, etc. Versatile and tasty, full of protein and no carbs!"

Kris P.

Fantastic flavors! I'm currently deployed in Iraq and was looking for a shelf-stable supplement to my vegetarian diet. Brami is a perfect product for me and anyone on the go."

Stefan S.

I love this hummus! I order it regularly. I eat it with keto chips, or veggies. Such a great keto treat!"

William W.


Garlic & Rosemary

Original Recipe

Mediterranean Olive

Calabrian Pepper

10oz / 4 Count
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