Variety Lupini Beans

  • Simply pickled lupini beans
  • Most nutrient-dense plant on earth
  • Snacking, salad topping & more


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The most nutrient-dense
plant on earth.

Protein per 100 calories

Brami Lupini Beans






Variety Lupini Beans Nutrition

Italy's finest lupini.
Simply pickled.

Sea Salt & Vinegar: Lupini Beans, Water, Vinegar, Sea Salt, Lactic Acid (from vegetable fermentation).

Garlic & Rosemary: Lupini Beans, Water, Vinegar, Sea Salt, Garlic, Lactic Acid (from vegetable fermentation), Rosemary.

Chili & Lime: Lupini Beans, Water, Lime Juice from concentrate, Sea Salt, Chili Peppers, Vinegar, Lactic Acid (from vegetable fermentation).

Hot Chili Pepper: Lupini Beans, Water, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Chili Peppers, Lactic Acid (from vegetable fermentation) (Multi-Serve only).

Lupini beans with herbs in a bowl

Your daily plant protein,
none of the carbs.

Hand snacking on lupini beans

Elevate hors

Power-up salads,
stir-fries, and more.

lupini beans in a salad
Hand picking up a lupini bean

Conquer afternoon

The perfect midnight

woman snacking on brami lupini beans

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Variety pack of Brami lupini beans

"The next health-conscious snack."

"A nutritional goldmine."

"Fun and delicious."


Mark Bittman

Former lead food writer at the New York Times, author of 30 books

"Brami are fabulous for snacking... and you can cook with them too"

Dr. Will Cole

Leading Functional Medicine Expert

“A true revolution to plant- based protein!"

Mia Rigden

Holistic Nutritionist, MS, CNS

"Delicious, convenient, and full of protein.”

Customer Reviews

Based on 1124 reviews
Penelope Patsuris

loves these beans — they really fill me up!

Dan S.
Great snacks

Great snacks that are delicious and nutritious and filling. And to boot, low calories. What’s not like.

Judith Rand
Brami variety pack without the Calabrian chili flavor

I like the beans a lot as a simple, healthy snack. I find that the garlic-rosemary and sea salt-vinegar choices are a little mild for my taste, but I tend to like very flavorful foods. I add fresh ground pepper medley and that amps them up enough for me. I like the chili-lime one very much and am interested in the Calabrian chili one as I have cooked with Calabrian chilis before. My variety pack had 3 of the first two and 2 of the chili-lime, none of the Calabrian chili.

Try our fabulous lupini dip.
Like hummus, without the carbs.

Buy The Dip
Lupini hummus avocado toast
Fusilli Pasta


Does Brami pasta taste different from other healthy pasta?

Yes. Because most other healthy pastas don’t use semolina wheat, they have to include gums, protein isolates, fillers and other strange ingredients to get their product to resemble pasta, and their taste reflects that. Our pasta is made with two simple ingredients - semolina wheat and lupini beans - so you get an authentic pasta taste, while still getting superior nutrition!

Is your pasta gluten-free?

No, our pasta is not gluten-free. We proudly use semolina durum wheat, so our pasta cooks and tastes similar to authentic pasta, yet has the nutritional benefits of alternative pasta!

Why is this pasta more expensive than “regular” pasta?

We use high-quality, premium ingredients, bronze dies, and slow-drying techniques so that you have better taste and nutrition.

What ingredients are in the pasta?

Brami pasta is made with two simple ingredients: semolina durum flour and lupini beans.

What is the money-back guarantee?

We know it can be risky to buy food online that you’ve never tried. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee on all orders.

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In the kitchen



Irresitable crunch meets crispy, tangy lupini beans - the perfect combo.

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A spicy fave for dinner parties. Don’t miss the creamy dip to balance the heat.

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The beloved meatball just got a vegan makeover. Dare we say it’s better than the original?

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Variety Lupini Beans


Multi-Serve (5.3oz)

Single-Serve (2.3oz)


4 Pouches

8 Pouches

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