A bright, creamy classic that is quick and easy to make. Dress up the pasta with grilled veggies, fish, or chicken.


Time: 15 min.

Servings: 4


  • 1 Box (8oz) - Brami Radiatori Pasta
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • Juice and zest from ½ a lemon
  • ¼ cup heavy cream
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • Ground black pepper, to taste
  • ½ cup parmesan cheese, grated
  • ¼ cup parsley, chopped



  1. Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Once the water has reached a vigorous boil add a generous pinch of salt.
  2. Add your Radiatori Pasta and cook for 4-6 minutes, tasting often.
  3. Keep 1/2 cup of pasta water and drain the pasta.
  4. In a saucepan, melt the butter and add the garlic. Saute until fragrant.
  5. Add the lemon zest. Mix in the heavy cream, lemon juice, and season with sea salt and pepper. Cook for about 1 minute.
  6. To the saucepan, add the pasta and reserved pasta water. Mix the pasta into the sauce until glossy.
  7. Remove from the heat and add the parmesan and parsley. Serve with extra parmesan, lemon zest, and ground black pepper.

Multi-Serve (5.3oz) / 8 Pouches

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